Choose a Juice is the biggest supplier of Orchard Bounty
We have 6 depots available to serve your needs (See Contact Details)
We also supply Juices from Magalies in Nelspruit

Who do we supply?
We supply bulk juice to the general public as well as clients that buy wholesale to resell again. All hawkers, caterers, stokvel, weddings,schools, shops, dairies, funeral etc.are catered for.

We sell retail and wholesale at our shops. For the best wholesale price you have to purchase for more than a R1 000, in total at any of our depots. For a price list please send your request to Please specify which shop is closest to you.
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Most popular products

Our most popular products are:

5L. Orchard Bounty FRUIT COCKTAIL (1+5)
5L. Orchard Bounty TROPICAL PUNCH (1 + 5)
5L. Orchard Bounty BANANA/GUAVA
825g Orchard Bounty Atchar can

Did you know?

The (1+4) means you mix 1 part concentrate with 4 parts water. E.g. 1L. concentrate makes 5L. juice after dilution.
A 100% juice is naturally sweetened with Pear / Apple juice, with no sugar added.
A nectar can contain from 20 – 90% fruit juice but is sweetened with sugar.
A drink contains less than 10% fruit juice after dilution.
You save money if you buy concentrates because it is cheaper to add your own water to make your own juice.
Most of the concentrates have a shelve life of at least 6 months and you only have to store it in a cool place after opening.
After you have diluted the concentrate with water you have to store the diluted juice in a fridge.

Orchard Bounty Atchar
We also sell our unique Orchard Bounty Mango Atchar in a 4,3kg, 3kg, 825g cans. This Atchar is very popular because the manufacturing process differs from most other Mango Atchars. There are no pips in the product because the green Mangoes are cut by hand from the pips. The cut pieces are then dice cut into 12mm cubes. This gets some of the spices and after 2 weeks it gets cooked where the oil and chilies are added. The cans then get pasteurized. No preservatives are added.
This is why this particular product is such a good seller- specifically during the winter period where the juice sales drop between 30 – 50%, depending on the region.